PREVIEW: Quentin VS Coen Art Show “ROUND 2” – [San Francisco]

Even before presenting their incredibly successful exhibit “Quentin vs. Coen – An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers” at  Chelsea, New York‘s Bold Gallery this April, the San Francisco-based Spokeart always had intentions of presenting a West Coast edition of the show in their home town.  Since then, founder Ken Harman has secured a permanent gallery space for their exhibits from now on; a venue that will be utilized later tonight for this highly anticipated follow up.  Not unlike the first event, Quentin VS Coen Round 2 will feature over “100 artists representing their favorite Tarantino and Coen Brothers films, scenes, characters and themes in a variety of mediums including original paintings and affordable prints“.  This show will have some of the pieces from the New York exhibit on display, as well as a multitude of new works, created specifically for the San Francisco event.  One of the major differences for the SF exhibit is that, while the Bold Hype counterpart was only available for view over a 3 day period (Apr. 7-9), the new gallery space affords Spokeart the ability to run this show from tonight (JUNE 2nd) all the way through the end of the month.

You may recognize that the header above is a slight variant of Greg Gossel‘s flier from the previous show.  Also returning with new contributions is our pal Serge Gay Jr. and favorites like Max Dalton, who is exhibiting multiple pieces (including a 3-dimensional bowling game).  Frequent Spokeart contributor and Austin-based print maker, Tm Doyle has even offered up a run of signed, limited-run “uncut” prints, specially created as a giveaway to the first 50 people that arrive through the doors at tonight’s opening.  For all of those who won’t get their hands on one of these copies (that means most of us) Tim has also designed a couple-hundred mini-prints, which will be given out for free throughout the night to the folks who make the effort to get themselves out to the opening.

Here’s a sneak peak/sample of the Time Doyle print (click to enlarge)

Not completely sold on getting your ass out to the show tonight?  Check out the following video edited from footage of the New York opening.


Quentin VS Coen Round 2
An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers


Spoke Art

816 Sutter Street, at Jones (former location of the HUF shop)

San Francisco, CA


Opening night is Thursday, June 2
Doors are @ 4pm and it runs until 10pm

gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from noon to 7pm

Check out the following Facebook Events page for further information:

And the following Preview Images for the event (click to enlarge)

“Oh Ya” (Fargo)
12 x 16

“DOGS” (Reservoir Dogs)
20x 16

Max Dalton
“El Duderino” – Bowling Game (The Big Lebowski)

“El Duderino” (detail)

Max Dalton
(The Big Lebowski)

Max Dalton
(Rug Detail 1)

Max Dalton
(Rug Detail 2)

Max Dalton
(Rug Detail 3)

Max Dalton
(Rug Detail 4)

Oliver Barrett
(The Big Lebowski)

State of Shock Studios
(Natural Born Killers)

Brian Methe

Matt Dye
(Death Proof)

Rhys Cooper
(Kill Bill)

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