WIN A PAIR OF WEEN Tickets to any West Coast Tour Date!


First off, thanks to everyone who entered. We’re terrible people and wish that everyone could lose, but that’s not going to be possible, so let’s move forward. After a group deliberation, narrowing down the selection, WE’VE PICKED A WINNER!

The winning entry was left by…



who said,

If I could cover anything with gas and set it on fire, it would have to be my dad’s nutsack to make sure he stops reproducing and enjoying life actually I would just set his whole body on fire, and watch him burn after I diarrhea in his mouth

She will be enjoying a pair of passes to the sold-out Crystal Ballroom performance on Wed. January, 26th!

To us the song “Cover it with Gas and Set it on Fire” has always managed to evoke feelings of unbridled youthful passion and anarchy through destruction. We, ourselves, started out listening to WEEN as punk teens through albums like Pure Guava and The Pod. I was never completely aware of WEEN’s remarkable precision and technical skills, until I finally saw them live years later. For my money, that freeing “fuck all” element, that they’ve managed to miraculously maintain in their sound, is still their strongest resource. The essence that was instilled in albums like “The Oneness” has palpably remained to this day. They never seem to try, they just do. There is a genuine quality to what they create. That is their true greatness.

That being said, I don’t feel that there is any way that we could, in good conscience, choose anything but the one that was in the worst conscience. There are no “wrong” answers, but, what we were hoping for is for entrants to come unhinged. Some entries were restrained and/or about doing “positive” things and bringing people together. Others were on the other end of the spectrum and focused on eliminating groups of people that they didn’t identify with. A few spoke of attacking us and/or the contest itself. But, as the saying goes, “don’t talk about it, be about it” and DIARA’s entry was like leaving a huge piss-stain on the entry page.

So.. congratulations.

Think of this as an opportunity to turn any frowns upside down and work out your aggression on the dance floor. Feel free to view this as a validation for your feelings, but not as an endorsement for burning your pops (it’s probably a bad idea). As for the “diarrhea in his mouth”, we’re not really versed on the legalities involved in that.




I took the photos above during the WEEN performance at the 2010 Sasquatch Music Festival.  It was hands down one of the best shows that we saw all last year.  Believe it or not, there is no photoshop work done to the images at all, the performance was actually just that crazy.  For those who have seen the boys live before, you already know what they are capable of.  For those who haven’t, you need to.  Besides a solo show by Gene Ween, The Gorge Amphitheater in Eastern Washington is the closest that WEEN has come to Seattle since 2007.  This month, on Tuesday the 25th, they will return to take on the Paramount Theater once again.  This show will be preceded by a show in Vancouver, Canada (24th) and followed up by Portland (26th), Oakland (28th), and Los Angeles (29th) dates.  We’ve been in contact with the management since the dates were first announced and have been sitting on the following promotion ever since.  Now that the dates are rapidly approaching, we are happy to announce a giveaway for a pair of tickets to any one of these West Coast tour dates.  That’s right, ANY one.  That includes the sold out shows, like the one at the Crystal Ballroom that got swiped up during the pre-sale and have been selling for hundreds on ebay.  Fuck the drama and fuck the scalpers.  If you win, we’ll give you a pair for free.


We are aware that this giveaway has the potential to yield a sizable response so, in anticipation of this and to keep things manageable, we have made efforts to monitor/regulate the entries and avoid double entries, by hosting the entry page through FACEBOOK.  You can add Monster Fresh on facebook now, by clicking through HERE.


Link to the entry page HERE.


Finish the following statement:
“If I could cover anything with gas and set it on fire ___ “


Leave your entry in the comment section below.  Only one entry per person, please.
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That’s pretty much it!

Be as elaborate and/or creative as you want.  It will serve you well.

If your real name (the name you would need placed on the list) differs from your Facebook page, please provide that name with your entry, as well as the show date that you are trying to win the tickets for.



Depending on the number of entries provided, we will choose our favorite and throw your name up on the guest list for the show of your choice. If the volume gets out of hand, we will use a number randomizer to select 10 – 20 entries, to keep it manageable, and then simply select our favorite from that reduced number.

Contest begins now and will run until…

11:59pm on Thursday January, 20th.

All entries must be received by the end time to be valid.

If we are unable to contact the winning entrant within a reasonable amount of time, a substitute will be chosen.


Dead C

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