WOCKA WOCKA! : Baracka Flacka Flames – “Head of State” [Video]

This morning I followed a facebook post of a tweet of a link that was originally a blog post by beat maker/producer Blockhead.  The post was on his blog Phat Friend and, since I never knew that the blog existed and since I instantly liked what I saw him doing with the site, I decided to browse around and scope out what else he had going on.  What I found was crazy as all get out and is something that I have a feeling will be everywhere by tomorrow.  In fact, as I type this, it’s already spreading like swine aids.

Beyond an embedded video, all that Blockhead‘s post said was “I just saw this and I really have no words.  Just watch“.  That’s probably all that needs to be said but, as anyone who has read any decent amount of content on this site knows, I always have words.  This time, however, I’ll leave them until after the video.

This video was directed by Martin Usher and James Davis of Live That Life Productions and it is one of those rare Youtube parodies that is actually pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, this parody is bound to spawn endless sub-parodies because, no one can ever leave well enough alone.  You can follow James Davis on twitter at twitter.com/theejamesdavis.

Although this video is hilarious alone, it’s probably important to know that it is actually a parody of the video for “Hard in Da Paint” by Waka Flocka Flame.  If you are like me and you aren’t even interested in keeping up with a lot of this newer MTV rap bullshit, then you might not know of Waka Flocka.  I, admittedly, didn’t know who the fuck he was until after the fact, but this will definitely bring even more added attention to his career.  From what I’ve gathered, he is the son of Gucci Mane‘s fired manager Debra Antney.  As for his name, I still don’t get it or why he’s running around at the end of the original video screaming it out and sounding like Fozzy Bear.

Here’s the original  (I wonder which one will sell more on iTunes?):

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