Cocaine Orgy Cybernetic Funtime Party : LCD Soundsystem – “Home” [VIDEO]

When DFA records founder, James Murphy dropped his debut LCD Soundsystem full-length, it’s lead off track was “Daft Punk is Playing at my House“.  Now it’s 5 years later and the electro-dance maestro is continuing to demonstrate his affinity for cybernetic organisms and house parties.  The latest LCD release, This is Happening is a really solid album (especially, the opener “Dance Yrself Clean”), but I wasn’t immediately sold from the first single, “Drunk Girls“.  The song “Home“, on the other hand, is much more representative of the overall sound on the new release.  What makes it even better is the crazy new video for “Home” that has just hit the interweb like a busted computer monitor .  As you’ll see for yourself, it’s part Pinnochio, part Iron Man, and entirely pretty awesome.  It’s got everything: cocaine, robots, lite brite pegs, foil, orgies… everything.

If you pay attention at the :46 and :52 minute marks, you’ll even notice that the Geppetto-looking bastard in this video has a grenade just chilling out on the trunk by his desk lamp.  You may also recognize the Tron shirt that the party goer is wearing at the 5:12 mark from the post that we featured about the design back in April.  Furthermore, you may remember from our post about the Tron Legacy trailer/updates from last year that none other than Daft Punk will be scoring the soundtrack to the new film [see how I tied that altogether like that & took it full circle?].

Alright, then… here it is:


Directed by Rick Darge / Funwunce

Produced by Mark Armes / Funwunce

Concept by Rick Darge & Mark Armes

Art Direction- Shelby Hohl & Mark Armes
Assistant Director – Mark Armes
Shooter/Editor – Rick Darge
Colorist – Jake Blackstone, MOD Color
Gaffer – Jeff Fountain

Starring Rick Armes, Fabian Vargas, Elena Vann, Arthur & Felicia Bates, Tom & Josh, Osker Koranad0

Shot on location in Houston, Texas 2010

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