– Vampire Weekend Tix + The Palms LV Suite + $1000 Diesel Shopping Spree – The Palms Vampire Weekend Diesel Flyaway Sweepstakes!

Those of you who have read my less than enthusiastic review about Vampire Weekend after the Sasquatch Musical Festival will probably be wondering, “What the fuck is Monster Fresh doing with a Vampire Weekend contest on their site!?”  The answer to that question is fairly simple: They are solid live performers and, although I don’t personally have my teeth firmly locked around the New York quartet’s preppy meat shafts (like a lot of outlets), that doesn’t mean that we’re completely oblivious to the fact that they are talented musicians with a huge fanbase.  Plus, if you knew anything about us, then you know that we put free loot above most things.  Furthermore, there’s a lot more to this contest than a simple pair of concert tickets being offered.  Even if you are some kind of unfathomable dipshit/maniac who hates music, this contest is still definitely worth entering.  In fact, it’s a pretty amazing giveaway and we are honored to have the opportunity to help provide you with the opportunity to cash in on it.

When we were contacted by our pal over at Iced Media today about helping to promote this contest to our readers, it was an easy decision to make.  Those who ARE huge fans of the Vampire Weekend catalog and their brand of upbeat Caribbean-influenced pop will be treated to a free show by one extremely consistent live act… and at the Pearl Theatre in Las Vegas no less.  If you did win the tickets, you might be wondering about how you would even be able to get to the show.  Don’t be, round trip airfare is covered.  What about lodging once you get to Vegas?  That’s covered too.  How about free luxury accommodations at the the world famous Palms Resort?  Now that everything else is handled, you might be racking your brain about what you would possibly wear.  First of all, if that IS an issue for you, you need to get your ridiculous greed in check; that’s a lot of free shit pally!  Still… the wardrobe is covered for you insatiable types as well, in the form of $1,000 worth of free Diesel gear.

Here are the DETAILS/PRIZES:

Enter by simply visiting the Palms Facebook Page (http://bit.ly/Vsweeps), and signing up!
Easy enough, right?
Don’t be lazy, check out what’s being offered…
1. A pair of Tickets to See Vampire Weekend Rock The Pearl Theater, Las Vegas on 9/29
2. $1000 Diesel Shopping Spree
3. Roundtrip Airfare
4. A one night luxury accommodation at The Palms Casino, Las Vegas.

Palms Twitter: @PalmsLasVegas
Palms Facebook: http://bit.ly/PalmsCas
Vampire Weekend At The Palms (9/29) Tickets: http://bit.ly/VPWEEK

The Sweepstakes Started

September 09, 2010 @ 12:00 pm (EDT)

Sweepstakes Ends

September 22, 2010 @ 11:59 pm (EDT)

As it was explained to us, there have only been a minimal amount of entries thus far and, with less than a week left to enter, your chances to win are probably a lot better than you think.  We’ve done a good amount of giveaways at this point and you would be surprised how many people simply do not enter, because of pessimism.  You can’t win if you don’t enter, fools, so get on it!  Good luck!

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