RAH DIGGA Returns to Make the Rap Game Grimy Again [w/NEW VIDEO]

Back when Busta Rhymes was at his peak, releasing rapid fast and genre mutating albums in the nineties, we were introduced to a female rapper that could not only hold her own, but that generally stole the entire show.  Rah Digga definitely provided a good deal of sex appeal to the male dominated rape game, but the important part is that it didn’t define her as an artist.  More than anything, what stood out about Digga was her undeniable lyrical skills and her incredibly raw delivery.  The Femcee wasn’t just another gimmick, holding her own among the most technical underground rappers and even being featured on the classic Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1.  When she joined Busta Rhymes‘ crew, The Flip Mode Squad, it became quickly evident that it would be nearly impossible for her to recede into the background on any track.  Everything about her approach made it clear that she was the real thing; a rapper that was well studied and knew what her abilities were.

When she dropped her debut, Dirty Harriet in 1999/2000, she removed any possible doubt that she was more than capable of taking on the spotlight as a solo artist but, after that, she pretty much disappeared.  The last time that I really remember hearing her was on the track “Down for the Count” from Talib Kweli and Hi Tek‘s Train of Thought album, and she killed it.  She was supposed to release the follow up album, Everything is a Story but it was ultimately shelved by the label (J Records) in 2004.  In 2006, she popped up on the Busta Rhymes track “Touch It” but, for the most part… after that… nothing.  Even with her short lived rap career and limited releases, she made enough of an impact to establish herself as one of the top female MC‘s of all time.  So where the fuck did she go?  I’ve wondered that myself.  Apparently, she just went back to being Rashia Fisher.  What’s more important than where she’s been is the fact that she has finally returned and will be releasing her long awaited sophomore album, Classic in September.  Coaxing her to return is being credited to NOTTZ, who produced a good portion of the Dirty Harriet album and whose Raw Koncept label Classic will be released on.

Here’s the statement/info that was forwarded to us today by the publicist:

“Rah Digga left rap 10 years ago to pursue film editing (she went back to school to do so and continues to do this as a career) and raise her daughter.  She only got back in the game after some finessing from one of rap’s well known producers, Nottz, to make a few songs for an EP.  That turned into more and next thing you know they were coaxing her to release an album.  Together, they made Classic (coming 9/14 on Raw Koncept) and this is the first video for her single ‘This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap’….the message is pretty clear.

The “message“?  People have been trying to talk her into returning ever since she disappeared and, apparently, Digga finally accepted it as both a necessity and an inevitability.  Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think, but it sounds pretty much like “classic” Digga to us.

Dead C

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