EXCLUSIVE WEEN PHOTOS: The Sasquatch Music Festival [May 31, 2010]

Last weekend marked the 9th annual Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Wa.  The lineup was pretty impressive this year and included MGMT, The XX, LCD Soundsystem, Nurses and even Pavement.  Closing out the festivities was a performance by one of our favorite bands of all-time, WEEN.  I was there all weekend so that I could report on everything that went down and regurgitate it back for you assholes, but I am still putting everything together, going through photos, and simply recovering.  You may have noticed that we don’t typically just post updates here and there.  It’s much more important for us to process everything and provide something that is more adequately thought out.  Hopefully it’s something that will actually provide the reader with new information and, if we’re really lucky, something that can even moderately stand the test of time.  With a situation like this year’s Sasquatch, however, there’s a lot to deal with, so I’m going to do things a little differently.  I’m covering the entire 3-Day event all by myself, including photography, reviews, editing, etc, and so there’s a lot for me to organize.  The reviews will be posted soon but, seeing as I have a ton of images and only a handful of them will be used in those reviews, I wanted to drop some photos from the WEEN set right here and right now.  These aren’t all of the photos even obtained at the WEEN show, but it’s a lot of them (24 to be exact).  This is a little update for everyone, while I process everything else, because I’m assuming that a lot of you probably still don’t know about our Flickr account.  More images will be popping up on that account as we process them, so keep your eye on there if you want to see more.  For now, please enjoy the images of Gene and Dean provided below.



Dead C

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