Casting Har Mar Superstar in Ghostbusters 3?

Hey everyone! Monster Fresh made this group for me, and I think it’s rather ingenious. It worked for Betty White and SNL. I mean, I can picture myself as Slimer, Moranis’s son, the new Stay Puft… Become a fan and pass it on! -Har Mar Superstar


I conducted an interview with musician/writer/actor Sean Tillmann (aka: Har Mar Superstar) back in January, in which we spoke of the rumors behind a new Ghostbusters film (now confirmed).  I then asked Tillmann if it was something that he would be interested in being a part of, to which he responded:

Oh, to be in Ghostbusters 3? It would be amazing. Yes, of course! Are you casting me?

Of course I was not, but the plan became to get the concept that he was going to be cast out into the ether with the hopes that it would manifest itself into reality.  That didn’t exactly work, but now that I’ve brought up the possibility of such dreams, it’s time for a little follow through.  Since, these days, it has become perfectly clear that the only way to efficiently make a point or to get anything accomplished is to create a FACEBOOK page, here it is.

You loved him in Whip It!, in his Crappy Holidays film shorts, and as “Dancin Rick” in Starsky as Hutch.  With your help, perhaps we will love him in Ghostbusters 3 as “Moranis’ son or like… sidekick?” or something…

Dead C

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