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This post is actually the continuance of another one that we recently published.  In the previous post, we addressed a little about the background of artist, James Jean and introduced a new project that he’s been working on, called “RIFT“.  As we explained before, RIFT is a series of 15 postcards that, when combined, create two different landscapes.  The last article featured image of the first of these two landscapes, which is titled “SCULL“.  Now we have received a peak at “PROCESSION“, the second landscape, and I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s equally as amazing.


[click the image above to it’s full size]

On his blog, James Jean has described the packaging as having the postcards unravel in an “accordion” style.  From there, each landscape can be folded in a way to maintain cohesion, but form a slightly altered image.  It’s basically like a Mad Magazine Fold-In.

Here’s how he explains it:

–each card can stand alone as a single image or the set can be folded to reveal new images hidden within the larger landscapes.

(click to enlarge)

The above image is what PROCESSION looks like after it’s be folded and, as you can tell, the panels merge to create a skull between them.  This helps to provide it with a loose link to the previous landscape, which features a “SCULL“, although the former reference is of the boating variety.  The other commonality that they share is that both pieces of artwork are crazy impressive.

As before, I have also divided this landscape into its separate panels to give you an idea of how the postcards will appear individually.  Unlike Scull, which was made up of 8 segments, Procession will be comprised of 7 postcards.

View them below:

Postcard/Panel #1

Postcard/Panel #2

Postcard/Panel #3

Postcard/Panel #4

Postcard/Panel #5

Postcard/Panel #6

Postcard/Panel #7
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