Letter to Kanye West in Response to Fucking with Taylor Swift + PINK Talks Shit

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Dear Kanye,

It’s about time for someone to point out your shortcomings as a lyricist.  You really don’t flow that adequately, sir.  Your beats are all straight unaltered samples, your cadence is weak, and you shouldn’t believe your own hype.  I’m actually pissed that I have to post something about you on my website but, in all honesty, this is my obligatory traffic generating move [I have to do that now and then].  You should check out the work of beat miners like Madlib and DJ Shadow or legends like DJ Premier.  Lyrically, you may want to look towards artists such as KRS-1 or GZA.  Do something original.  I liked you for about 12 minutes after your “George Bush doesn’t care about black people speech”, but that’s only because I didn’t realize that it was just foreshadowing more wingnut statements in the future.  Putting the kibosh on a fucking Taylor Swift speech?  That’s pretty STREET.  Why don’t you go challenge the Jonas Brothers to a “You Got Served”-style dance battle in a city park?  Taylor Swift is a Pop-Star… I get it.  She performed with Def Leppard and allowed them to disgrace themselves…. I get it.  The problem is that you are a Pop-Star too, but YOU don’t seem to get it.  It’s important to realize that both of you share, pretty much, the same fanbase of suburban tweens and guys who sport faux-hawks and blazers over their Ed Hardy T-Shirt.   Oh yeah, and I had the same slatted plastic glasses and mullet when I was 7 years old and living in Fresno.  Please refrain from biting my misguided, pre-teen attempts at style in the future.


I thought that it was sad before but… fuckin’ christ man

I’d further like to add that, if you want to venture into a head to head rap challenge, where we could each write verses and post them in our respective blogs, I’m more than ’bout it. You may assume that I’m more of a “blogger” than a rapper, but I happen to hold a similar impression about you.



Apparently, Alecia “PINK” Moore was buggin’ out on the VMA’s too, and it had nothing to do with showing up in the same dress as Shakira.  I’m slowly realizing that Twitter is fucking hilarious and it’s for more reasons than just reading Courtney Loves pharmed-out ramblings.  Shakira… PINK… All American Rejects….?  This VMA shit’s great too, because I didn’t even know that any of these people were still relevant or could afford shelter.   But, I’m getting away from my point; just look at the PINK TWATS below.  Or are they called tweets?


Dead C

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