Wayne Coyne’s Space Bubble [1st-Person Perspective VIDEO]


We’ve put up two recent Flaming Lips-related articles lately, but I just came across something that I felt was interesting enough to post and extend this accidental theme a little while longer.  If you are a fan of The Lips, you probably know all about the giant space bubble that Wayne Coyne uses to roll across the top of the audience, like a hamster ball.  For those of you who always wondered about what the front-man is actually experiencing from within his protective layer, there’s now a video that can help to provide you with that perspective.

The video below is titled “Wayne Cam – Space Bubble, Philadelphia 29 Aug 2009” and is via the Vimeo account of Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock.  Under the video, it simply states the following, “This is what the whole space bubble experience looks like from Wayne’s perspective.”  When Kliph posted the video link on The Flaming Lips‘ official Facebook page today, however, he was quite a bit more detailed about the story behind the video.

“We taped a camera to Wayne’s chest in Philadelphia to record what he sees and hears inside the space bubble. Wayne thought it should be edited in order to capture only the “highlights”, but I like the entire sequence, including the moments where nothing much is going on. I chose to keep it unedited so you could get a feel for the whole experience. I hope you enjoy it.”

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