Amazing WEEN So-Cal Screenprints by Gigart


San Francisco artist, GreggGigartGordon, has been in the screen-print game for a minute and has produced some of the craziest and most recognizable rock posters over the last 10 plus years.  One of the things that I really like about Gordon‘s , beyond the consistent innovation in his work, is that he is also a huge fan of the band WEEN.  If you saw the Cockroach/pimp Gigart print from WEEN‘s 2007 Seattle performance, you could probably tell that his affinity for the group is reflected in the work that he puts out.  It is also clear, as in all of his posters, that Gregg truly takes his subjects into account when he is constructing his designs.

The last weekend, Gordon set up a booth at Flatstock during the Bumbershoot festival here in Seattle.  I was unable to attend, but was fortunate enough to get someone to pick up one Gregg‘s Samurai Tiger prints that were made specifically for the occasion.  Also sold at the Flatstock event were a pair of posters that were made for two separate Southern California WEEN show dates.  Each individual poster is astounding in its own right but, when combined, they form one even more amazing and unified larger print.  The poster that makes up the left side of the image is from a Sept. 1st performance by the group at the FOX Theater in Pomona,Ca, while the right side is from an Anaheim date at The Grove from the following day.  At Flatstock, these prints sold for $50 a pop ($100 for the pair).  Today, however, Gordon has finally released them to the public at a reduced price of $40 a piece and $70 for the set.  Generally, the price would increase for something like this, which is what prompted me to throw up a post about this opportunity today; that and the fact that we love WEEN.  As a collector, however, these will definitely go up in value.  These are signed and numbered by the artist with a limited run of 200.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too much like a web infomercial, because I’m not in the habit of fucking around and hyping shit for sale on Monster Fresh.  The intention here is solely to give a heads up to those who do read the site.  We want to let you know about this crazy art before it disappears and the only way to get the set is by dropping twice as much loot to get them from a reseller.


September 1st FOX Theater poster
September 2nd The Grove poster
The Set of Both

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