Welcome to Tracy’s Love Cave: Meet The Next Internet Super Meme


My mom doesn’t understand why I don’t want her tagging me in every photo, whether I’m in it or not, on her Myspace and Facebook pages.  The more people that jump into social networking sites, the more people who are going to be confused by them.  I’ve been using them for a while and remember when Jenna Jameson only had 11 Myspace friends and it still showed ingenuity to exploit the template to promote your band and/or other projects.  Like many of us, I’ve watched the technology grow.  It’s like handing someone an X-box 360 controller and asking them to play Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, or some other crazy-ass, weird, intense game, when they haven’t fucked with any video game technology since Pong.  The operations can become a lot more confusing than it would for someone that went from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers to Super Mario World, etc.  To jump fresh into the social network game, at this point, would put anyone at a disadvantage, because they wouldn’t have that frame of reference or the smooth transitions.  After a while, certain patterns become clearer to those who have advanced along with the processes and grew with it.  Basketball games generally have a steal/pass button and a block/shoot button, etc. but things like this aren’t common knowledge to everyone.

Even those who have gone through the process of subtly learning basic html code, as a byproduct of trying to embed “What _ Are You?” quizzes and changing their profile’s background image, are constantly confused when they start using Facebook.  You have to convince people of the benefits of starting all over with another social network page and, to do that, you need to change some shit around, mess with the available options, and give them something new to explore by adding these twists.  If done right, you can leave other sites in the dust, as people become willing to take that unfamiliar leap.  During the beginnings of that transition, is when you will see endless posts along the lines of, “So, I finally joined facebook, but I don’t know what I’m doing.  Somebody please tell me how to figure this shit out.  Everyone send me one tip, please.  Thanks.  I need help, badly!!!

Here is the latest example of to what degree having an ineptitude with the world wide web can backfire and fuck you right in the “other pussy”:


tracy facebook

As further evidenced by 2 of our other posts ( racial Microsoft photoshopping and the Perez Hilton‘s MJ fiasco) the ability to print a screen-shot can be either one of the most detrimental or helpful internet features, depending on which side of the scandal you are on.  The Facebook account/page above, belonging to Tracy Turkish Brooks, is quickly turning the owner into the latest Star Wars Kid.  The internet provides the opportunity to take a simple inside joke or embarrassing story, that one hopes even those close to them will forget, and turn someone into a word-wide, ostracized laughing stock.  The story of Tracy‘s Facebook page will be everywhere soon enough and her life will forever be altered, with her entire identity reduced to a simple adult-interest meme.

Memetics, itself, is an interesting science to explore.  All of these little digitally generated catch-phrases, symbols, instant pop-culture images and video (aka: “memes”) are created constantly; many by accident and others by design.  When they catch fire, they spread like STD‘s after a shipwreck and root themselves into the public conscience, globally.  Every picture that has ever been taken of some poor passed out frat boy in a dress with a dick drawn on his face can be uploaded  within seconds.  Anyone’s metaphorical underwear can placed in a freezer that can be opened by anyone who knows the URL.  The more distant someone is from you, the less real that they become and the less sympathy they tend to garner.  The internet was hardly bumping at all when that one guy flipped his lid and killed his friend over a confession of love on a Jenny Jones episode.  All that happened to that guy to turn him into a murderer was being teased by his town folk, because of a television appearance.  The internet’s reach is much broader and instant than anything before. Even if someone winds up killing themselves over the emotional abuse caused from the entire world pointing and laughing at them, a lot of people wouldn’t even give a fuck.  Instead they would just refer to them as “An Hero” and pull the suicidal meme reference out of their deck.

You may be wondering if Tracy is a real person and if the screenshot above is from her actual account.  The answer seems to be that it is.  That, however, still does not mean that she was the one posting that shit on her account.  I’ve left myself signed in and had a friend post some jive on mine before, and have even come across accounts that were left open  to fuck with.  Based on the evidence that continues to be released, it appears that Tracy‘s account was in fact hacked and all fingers are pointing to 4chan.org.  Over the years, the 4chan message board has been the source of origin for endless amounts of internet memes.  This time, the story seems to be that a list of emails, passwords, and social network info was stolen from a Christian dating site and poor ol’ Tracy Turkish Brooks is, so far, the most famous target of the spreading Christian Facebook victims.  Her account (facebook.com/jesuslust) has since been removed, but someone has already created a Facebook tribute page for her.  Quick…I know.  People move pretty fucking quick.  I’m curious about how long it is actually going to take before I start seeing the “lovecave” with the facebook font that I photoshopped for the header image, bouncing around the internet and landing on T-Shirt.  It’s a shame that the screenshot isn’t as legit as it implies but, from a prank perspective, it’s pretty classic.  The internet and all of this advanced technology is, ironically, still pretty archaic and it’s like the old west out here.  It’s difficult to regulate and that’s partially what’s so great about it.  It’s also the reason that people can spend the rest of their lives being recognized as a youtube child star, medicated from a dental visit, and why a gopher can become more famous than anyone.

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