Previously Unreleased: Michael Jackson 1984 Pepsi Hair Fire Video

MJ on Fire Pepsi

Once JFK was blasted in the head, back in 1963, there have been endless amounts of related government transcripts that were placed under lock and key.  Most likely, they will not be viewed until anyone and everyone that could possibly be linked to the event, in any way, is already dead.  Now that the king of pop has officially kicked the metaphorical bucket, unseen video footage is being released in much the same way. just posted the, previously unseen, footage of the infamous 1984 Pepsi commercial in which Jackson‘s jeri curl was set ablaze from malfunctioning pyrotechnics.  We have featured it here so that you can watch it below.  It’s everything that you could have expected and, by that, I mean graphic.


After this link was posted on the site, an extremely fascinating post was entered into the corresponding thread, by a forum member named “Reba_bula“.  Apparently, they took it from another related thread and the text is originally from someone that goes by “bl002e“.  I know that nobody likely gives a fuck about this information, but we like to give credit when it’s due.  Anyway, here’s what it said: would have been interesting to see how his life and career progressed differently if that incident hadn’t happened since the pill addiction seemed to have started then, and the overdone plastic surgery probably escalated afterward as well.

Here’s something that will possibly only interest me, but earlier today, I was fucking around with one of those date calculators online that gives you the number of days between two dates-

…Since the Pepsi ad accident happened 25 years ago and MJ died when he was 50, I figured it happened roughly at the midpoint of his life, so I decided to check. Turns out that the exact day between his birth (8/29/58) and death (6/25/09) was 1/27/84, the date of this video.

Pretty freaky to think that he lived exactly as many days before and after that accident happened, right? And it really is a logical turning point to his career and life.

Yeah, we think that shit’s pretty “freaky” too.  Way to get your Matlock on.  As far as I know, you may be the first person to figure this crazy shit out.  If we were a big site with some actual money, we’d probably give you something.

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