New Doug Martsch Track “SAVE ME” {Video}: From Rotating Tongues 2


15 years ago, a Boise, Idaho music compilation entitled Rotating Tongues was released.  Much like Seattle‘s infamous Deep Six grunge compilation, which was reissued that same year, 1994′s Idaho counterpart worked as a definitive representation of the unique musical climate and artists in the Boise area during that time.  The album featured artists like The Dirt Farmers and Caustic Resin, as well as what is, arguably, the most “successful” band to rise from that scene, Built To Spill.  A decade and a half later, Rotating Tongues 2 has finally been released and, although Built To Spill is not featured on the sequel, frontman Doug Martsch has returned to contribute another exclusive track for the compilation.

Anneliessa Balk Stimpert, the executive producer from the original Rotating Tongues, now runs an Idaho gallery/venue known as the Visual Arts Collective.  For the follow up, Stimpert took a slightly different approach, by holding a 2 day concert at the VaC (Feb 2021, 2009) and recording the 26 featured acts performing their respective contributions to the release live.  The event also doubled as a benefit for the Boise Food Bank with a modest admission price of $7 or $5 w/a prepackaged food item.  As stated on the official site, each each artist played a “15-minute set showcasing two new songs, never before performed live“.  One track from each set has been featured on the album.  Martsch has been openly vocal about his love for reggae and dub music, and it’s influence has gradually bled into his own work over recent years.  For the song “Save Me“, his RT2 offering which features the songwriter only accompanied by a keyboard, this Caribbean influence is more prominent than ever.

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