PHISH @ Fenway Setlists & Free Downloads [+ Videos]


Tonight PHISH played their first ever show at Fenway Park in Boston (aka: Phenway).  We caught the Brooklyn shows about 5 years ago, which were held at a the Brooklyn Cyclones‘ Single-A baseball stadium, but, this time around, it seems like a whole other animal.  Reviews are already coming in and the word is that they are officially back on their game.

Speaking of game, there was an extremely heavy baseball vibe to go along with the venue.  The photo of the tickets above was taken by our writer Dr. J., who attended the show.  Mail order PHISH Tickets always have a special twist on them but these are definitely some of the most unique that I’ve ever seen.

We have already posted the set-list as well as sendspace links to downloads of each set of the show.  Below is also live video footage of the guys playing “Ocelot” [a brand new track] as well as “The Ballad of Curtis Loew“, which they haven’t  played in 624 shows (Aug. 2, 1993 The Ritz Theatre, Ybor City, FL). We got the show audio from a wonderful site called and they will be posting all of the shows from the tour, in both MP3 and torrent formats.  They get the shit up remarkably fast.  Make sure to check them out and bookmark their site if you are looking for any more downloads in the future.  The posts will be in their “No Spoilers” section.  If you missed the free Hampton downloads they have those up for you to0.

We are also aware that links often evaporate off of the internet at random.  With this in mind, a couple of of full rar and/or zip file downloads from Megaupload will also be included at the very bottom of the post as we find them.  We recommend trying them first.  The links are each of the full show (not sets) and are Soundboard.  Please, let us know of any more that may not be listed.

Below are tonight’s set-lists and download links:



1. Star-Spangled Banner  *

2. Sample in a Jar

3. Moma Dance

4. Chalkdust Torture

5. Ocelot  #

6. Stash  %

7. Bouncing Around The Room

8. Poor Heart

9. Limb by Limb

10. Wading in the Velvet Sea

11. Down with Disease

12. Destiny Unbound

13. Character Zero


1. Tweezer>

2. Light  #

3. Bathtub Gin

4. David Bowie

5. Time Turns Elastic #

6. Free

7. Ballad of Curtis Loew

8. You Enjoy Myself


1. Cavern

2. Good Times, Bad Times

3. Tweezer Reprise

* Acapella from pitcher’s mound/SOX Jerseys/followed by “PLAY BALL”
# First Time Played
% Starts w/”Take Me Out to the Ballgame” Tease

Megaupload Links:
Option 1
Option 2

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