The Bordeaux Twins – Living and Loving (Together) [VIDEO]


Earlier today, I recieved the following message from NY artist/director/writer/etc. Todd Lamb

Hi Dead C,

How’s it going? I wanted to send this new video I just made to you. It’s the new song from The Bordeaux Twins, from Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. Called “Living and Loving (Together)”.

Here’s the video:


On the Bordeaux Twins offical site, it states the following about the duo:

The Bordeaux Twins are Dennis (Matt Evans) and Kenneth (Frank Campanella) Bordeaux. Later this year they will be releasing their debut album “Greatest Hits.” They will also be touring in the near future.

The video is also being featured on as of today.  If you would like to vote on whether or not you feel this video is “FUNNY” or, in fact, should “DIE” you can do so by clicking HERE.

I originally made contact with Todd Lamb after posting our article called “You Aint Got To Lie Craig” about the truth behind the street “artist”,  calling himself “CRAIG“, who gained global recognition from posting awkward notes around Melbourne, Australia.  The whole concept, along with the majority of text, was blatantly stolen from Lamb‘s original, experimental project “Notes From Chris“.  Ironically enough, much of the hype surrounding CRAIG was also generated through a post on Funny or Die, as well.

Along with sending us the heads up about the video, Lamb also joked, “Hopefully some guy from Australia won’t download it, and put his name over mine in the credits. Ha.

To find out more about The Bordeaux Twins and Mr. Todd Lamb, please check out the following links
: (official site)
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