Madlib Gets Crafty and Stacks Paper: Free Madvillain Cubeecraft figures


Stones Throw records and MF DOOM have ventured into the realm of childhood whimsy in the past.  Their newest collaboration with RBST (aka Robeast) falls right in suit with the Adult Swim related albums, as well as the vinyl Madvillain and Lord Quas figures released by Kid Robot.  This Madvillain (Mad Lib and MF Doom) inspired creation (pictured above) is called a “Cubeecraft” and is available through a free downloadable PDF file, which then can be folded into the character above.

RBST has popped a couple of these out over the last month, in fact.  On March 27th, he originally posted the identical “Cubeecraft” template for the MF Doom figure, which also has the option to sport a Stones Throw T-Shirt instead of the green Madvillain trench get up.


On April 15th, RBST‘s website also featured a post titled “Project: Lord on a Sheet (Sneak Peek)“, which contained nothing other than this following paper Quasimoto image:



According to his site, RBST was contacted the same day by Lord Quas artist Jeff Jank who, apparently, saw his “Cubeecrafts on [Stones Throw’s] messageboard“.  Things move quick and already, 2 days later, the Madvillain figure is being featured on both Stones Throw and RBST’s sites.

On the MF Doom/Madvillain figure, the mask is actually removable and can be easily slid off of another head which it covers.  The face underneath is the same as that of the sambo character featured on the BLACK  BASTARDS album cover from Doom‘s first crew, KMD.  For those who don’t know, that album, originally set to be released in 1994, didn’t hit the streets until 2001, due to it’s controversial cover art.

Madvillain Cubeecraft & Download


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From Cubeecraft website:

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LINKS to Check out and book mark:

The Robeast website (especially, with the foreshadowing of the Lord Quas figure, it’s worth keeping an eye on)

(make your own template or choose from a number of others)

Stones Throw
(you should have known about this site already; home to Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, etc)

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