Awkward Letterman Moments Poll (Joaquin, Crispin, & Harmony)


After seeing the Joaquin Phoenix appearance from last night’s episode of Letterman, I was reminded of a couple of other choice interviews conducted by the late night host over the years.  In the 80‘s, Crispin Glover was on the show and that got really uncomfortable.  The weird moments were brought by Harmony Korine in the 90‘s.  I figured that now would be a good time to try out our new polling feature and see if anyone had any feelings about which one of the interviews was actually the most awkward.  They all have unorthodox names and are groomed nicely so, I figured that part of it was a toss up.

Check out the videos below and vote.
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Which is the most awkward appearance?

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Dead C

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  • Ra’Bia

    Oh hell, CBS! Why the hell do you got to go a ruin a the good time everyone is having at Joaquin Phoenixs’ expense! I was really into this voting thing MonsterFresh, but sometimes copyrights involve grave embarrassment.

    I really enjoyed the interview with Harmony Korine though. He looked as if he had been high on gutter dust, AKA Meth, for several days, and yet he held it together for most of the interview. You see, I imagine that if indeed usage of poorly controlled substances had kept him awake for said several days, then he would have been profusely hallucinating. So, I feel that I must deem that a success despite the level of awkwardness. And he somehow remained strangly charming if not greasy.

    I love Crispin Glover, but his interview with David Letterman actually makes me a little sad. I have heard rumors that Mr. Glover is a vegan so I can only assume that he is a gentle sort of soul. Either that, or a misanthropic, soap box toting snob. But I’m going to go with the former rather than the latter and top it off with a frosting of a little too much LSD.

  • You got me. Here’s what’s really going on. This video is getting such hype right now that I wanted to show the past videos and show how this is a recurring theme with Letterman guests over the last 20+ years. I also just wanted to try out my new polling plug-in and give it a run. Fuck CBS, Korine is using them to promote himself and I’m using the footage to promote him too.

  • Ra’Bia

    You got it working! I had seen some of the interview before visiting your site, and voted Joaquin. I’m going to hold to that. What are the chances that he is pulling and Andy Kaufman style prank, though? The feed is a bit choppy, but I swear I see stifled smiles several times throughout. Anyway, in sticking to that vote my reasoning is that he is not very responsive, and that makes for an awkward interview.

    Crispin Glover wins for being the most manic. And again, I feel sorry for him. He seems so sensitive to everything going on around him.

    Also, I retract my comment about Harmony Korine being high. I get the impression that he is in a natural state of being, but on a come down of mania. Congrats to him. I have often being quite jealous of motivated manic creative types who can’t stop producing material.

  • Oh! I didn’t realize that your last comment was in reference to the video being pulled because I didn’t notice that it had been until this morning. I think they all might be high.

    As for Phoenix, people keep claiming that he is faking it but I’ve seen an interview about his rap career and his rap reference are pretty on point. I think he’s really trying to go in that direction and is serious.

    To me, it’s the same as someone who murdered their own kid or ate someone’s lung pleading insanity to avoid jail. To even act that way you have to be a little off so, there has to be some legitimacy in there somewhere. Basically, he either doesn’t give a fuck or he doesn’t give a fuck. I think it all points to the same thing. He doesn’t respect the Hollywood image so he acts that way or he’s acting that way to make a point about how he doesn’t respect the Hollywood image

  • Joe

    judging by Joaquin’s appearance on the Letterman show, he might be going through an identity crisis

  • The only one without an identity crisis is Harmony Korine. Crispin Glover seems frustrated because he was a young kid and all anybody would identify him with is George McFly. SO basically, a young 20 something makes his defining role in Hollywood as both a nerd and someone’s lame dad. In one foul swoop he has an identity crisis and tries to become artsy or edgy. Remember, he was the anti-Michael J. Fox.

  • They were all pretty strange… But the one with Joaquin Phoenix takes the cake for me.. Just because he’s the biggest name out of all of them, and he was completely serious throughout the entire interview, despite the fact that everybody else was laughing at him the whole time.