Barack Obama: A Call To “ACTION” (figures?)

obama-headThe major news from this week was obvious to anyone that’s been paying attention.  Tearful speeches of hope and redemption poured through the airwaves and moved all of us that were watching the national broadcast.  The struggles ahead are clear but the idea of “CHANGE” remains the focus.  At a time where there are feelings of being backed into a corner with no way out, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course I am referring to when, underwear designer, Shawn from Tool Academy was caught point blank and confronted in a room by his other “real” girlfriend Aida right in the middle of apologizing and pledging his loyalty to Jaimee.  OMG! WTF! FTW! PWND! ROTFLMAO!  What are the rest of those acronyms the kids are using, these days?

Oh yeah, in less prominent news, Barack Obama was also innaurgurated as the first African-American president of the United States ever.  Some of you might have missed that but, apparently it went down yesterday.  I think that it may have gained coverage on some of the other stations that aren’t VH1.

Other nations around the world seem very supportive and enthusiastic about the new presidency, except, of course, for the Iranians’ burning of Obama’s image in effigy.  I sent an email out to our writer DW. Patton in Japan to see how the country is responding to the news, if at all.  However, based on a recent discovery posted today, I think we may already have our answer sooner than expected.  Gamu Toys, a provider of anime and robot action figures, just released their version of a fully-poseable Barack Obama action figure today.  They seem to clearly view the role of his presidency and as a public figure more in the light of a John Woo film.

Below is a copy of the product page for the doll.  It is a choppy read due to the fact that I used an automatic translator for the original text, which I’m assuming was written in Japanese.


-Dead C

■ DiD US Presidential Election 2008 Barack Obama ■


obama doll back
– The 44th president of the United States Barack Obama’s —
President of the first African-American, Barack Obama 44 President of the USA’s stunning overhead in INCHIAKUSHONFIGYUA 12.
I was surprised itself out of these products in the overseas珍SHIKU無I I also figure that these politicians.

2008 specification and the U.S. presidential election, comes with the image of that time and costumes and accessories.

The costume is a private suit, in part does not match the size of some elementary and Howdy, “and BISHIッrock” is not.
The highlight (?) Is so great that the quality of the head and, to some extent will be the first瞑RE.
OBAMAHEDDO Obama is a notch or even look at it from anywhere.
The high quality of the coating is firm to reproduce the details and texture of the skin.
All clothing is removable. Fixed to the inside and uses a button or belt.


Parts & Accessories gimmick.
obama accessories
List of accessories.
Hand option × 3 species (moving hands, handle,指SHI手finger), Mike, tie × 2 seed, watch Flags),旗立台, a chair, head options (picture below)

barack obama gamu toys japan doll headobama-speech-straight-viewobama-speech-left
OBAMAHEDDO is included.
Normal type (upper) and speech type (bottom)

The options are moving one hand, holding hands, pointing out three of the species included.
Moving hands (soft material) is a single wire to a finger (?) Are schooled, you can move the fingers freely.

obama with stool
Flags in the chair and the staff of the timber, and竿頭旗立台uses the metal parts.
The firm also makes the American flag, even texture and massive punch combination is a good thing.

obama doll japan


Barack obama japan doll holding flag

obama handgun doll
Toward the end of the game.

barack obama dollobama red tie machine gun
And organizations and is not related to any real person.

obama katana


barack obama light saber

obama devil horns

President, enjoy the winter in Japan.

obama doll japan
遊BEMASU longer true.
Figures and絡MASE or scale, or just like posture, and decorate it

The other figure is not something that is unique taste of the fun.
Such as action figures is a major low-priced items
Including optional items, included the entire building was stunned by the firm.

If things like other political figures at this scale, they are likely to make the world a more arrays.
Including former Prime Minister of Japan, the figures in a row on the shelves of the world leaders … to ensure customer’s招KEMASEN.
(Russia around it is no discomfort, even if mixed with other shelves.)

To View Original Product Page CLICK HERE

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